How well do you know Panic! At The Disco?

How well do you know the Panic! At The Disco members? Do you know them like the back of your hand, a little bit, or not at all! Take a few miutes to find out if you are!

Only way to find out if you know them real well is to take this quiz. I promise you, you will learn a thing or two about them if you score low. Now, get going and find out how you scored.

Created by: Jeanetta

  1. Who is the lead singer?
  2. Who is the bassist?
  3. Who is the drummer?
  4. Who is the lead guitarist?
  5. What is the lead singers full name?
  6. What is the bassist's full name?
  7. What is the drummer's full name?
  8. What is the lead guitarist's full name?
  9. Who were the the two that were friends since they were 5?
  10. Who was origanlly the lead singer?
  11. What is Brendon addicted to?
  12. Who writes the lyrics?
  13. What are two of the songs about?
  14. What are the two songs?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Panic! At The Disco?