How well do you know Pandas?

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So, this quiz is kind of sloppy and I truly apoligize for it. I was in a hurry. Not very good capitalization, grammer and punctuation. Do you forgive me? You do/don't? Okay.

I hope you enjoy my quiz, and have a good time taking it. Well, go on. Take my quiz. You obviously want to. Thanks again! :) :D You're still here? Um... This is awkward... Okay, cya later!

Created by: PandaGirl

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  1. Okay, don't stalk them or anything, 'cuz that's mean, but, where do pandas live?
  2. What do they eat? I'll give you a hint, they eat food. Not rocks.
  3. Why do pandas have the spots on their eyes?
  4. How much does the average panda weigh when it's born? Huh? Tell me! I'm just asking! NO! Don't get your chainsaw! Stop! NO! Ahhhhhhhhh! *runs away*
  5. Do pandas have thumbs?
  6. *giggles* Do you want a cookie?
  7. That last question doesn't count. Not until the cactus walks to town. Well, anyway, okay. Do you have to go to the bathroom? I can see it in your eyes? Are you serious? Okay. Here's the question: Are pandas good mothers?
  8. Can pandas do somersaults and handstands?
  9. Do you love pandas and think they are adorable and love them and think they are cute and totally love them and adore them and really love them and just TOTALLY WANT TO HAVE ONE SO MUCH YOU ALMOST DON'T BECAUSE YOU LOVE THEM AND YOU ARE OBSESSED? I do.
  10. Okay, please leave a comment and rate please. Last question didn't count and neither does this one. I'll see you later and I really do hope that you loved my quiz! BYE!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Pandas?