This is a quiz about Pandas!

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Well everyone knows that Pandas are the best animals EVER! So that is why I (The genius!) have created the best quiz on Pandas! This quiz judges if you really know your animals! So try it and you might be surprised!

Well everyone knows that I am a genius, But are you? That is the question! So if you take my quiz you will find out the most clever person! If you get 100% then you are a GENIUS!

Created by: Ellie Chamberlain
  1. What age is the worlds oldest Panda?
  2. What Panda is heavier?
  3. In Which Season do Pandas become Pregnant?
  4. Until what age,on average,do Panda babies stay with their mothers?
  5. When do baby Pandas eyes first open?
  6. What are Baby Pandas called?
  7. Are you enjoing this quiz?
  8. What colour are Pandas when they are born?
  9. Do Pandas hibernate?
  10. Do baby Pandas have to eat porridge in captivity!?!?!?!

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