How well do you know Ouran Highschool Host Club??

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Hello friends... PLZ TAKE THIS QUIZ FOR MEHHHHHHH. I have to put over 150 characters in this paragraph to publish quiz. So I am almost there If i stop DONEEEEEEE

Ok I have to put something here but IDK what to sayyy... I can just say my fave songs are Nightmare, Side to Side, Obsessed, Last Hurrah, Bad Girlfriend, and Guys My Age...

Created by: Honeii Bee
  1. Which two boys' dad's want their kid to marry Haruhi?
  2. What did Takashi's "apprentice" need help with?
  3. How many books in the manga are there?
  4. Who is the organizer of the host club..??
  5. What is Haruhi afraid of?
  6. Who is my fave boy host...??HINT: I took some quizzes.. I am Mori if I was in the host club.HINT: I took another quiz that said Mori would be my possible boyfriend.
  7. What is the intro song called?? The show's on Netflix.
  8. How are Mori and Honey Senpai related??
  9. Who was Tamaki about to marry?
  10. What is Kyoya's last name??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Ouran Highschool Host Club??