Which one of us is your perfect match?

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Hikaru: Why do we even need one of these the title already says what the quiz is..... Kaoru: I don't know mabey we need to explain more about it *Shrugs* Both: *Sigh* This is dumb, is it over yet.....

Both: What more! *Sigh* Kaoru: Hikaru How 'bout we put random things to fill up the space.... Hikaru: I'm already on it Both: hhbfdgmligffbnijhvgjuhng,vvfvvvvvfvvjvvhc,fdhchdc,cyd,cchdkx xdychxx,cx,dgxqqwrghuuikjgcdfhnvvvbjjngbn gghnbhrgjj

Created by: Hikaru_and_Kaoru

  1. Out of these Two colors witch do you think is better?
  2. If you had a Twin which would you most likely do?
  3. If the girl you liked Just met one of her old friends and they seemed ti be having a good time how would you feel?
  4. Hug or hold Hands with your Twin?
  5. What Kind of Coffee sounds better?
  6. Would you like to have a Twin?
  7. What do you do when you're bored?
  8. Did You like this quiz? (No Effect)
  9. Both: So yeah.... Comment, Rate We don't really care Just hope you enjoyed
  10. Hikaru: Thank God that's over, Right Kaoru Kaoru: Uhm, Hikaru I think there still here.... Hikaru: Huh- Oh uh, H-Hey I thought you left well, uhm Bye *Waves and runs away* Kaoru: Wait up Hikaru! *Runs after*

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Quiz topic: Which one of us is my perfect match?