What Ouran Character Are You?

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Many people have always wondered what Ouran character they are. Well, my quiz will help those people! This quiz consists of 12 questions that tell you about the character they go with.

Who do YOU think you are? Smart Kyoya? Silly Honey? Romantic Tamaki? Find out with this quiz!! You'll find out with this awesome quiz made by an EPIC Ouran fan!

Created by: Mimi
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  1. What do you do on your spare time?
  2. What's do you think of your friends?
  3. What face best describes you?
  4. You tell your friends you're going on vacation and you have an extra ticket... How do they bribe you for it?
  5. What animal best describes you?
  6. How is your handwriting?
  7. Here's a simple one: do you flirt with you're crush?
  8. What color is your favorite?
  9. You go out to the movies... What do you buy?
  10. Which character do you think you are like?

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Quiz topic: What Ouran Character am I?