how well do you know one direction

well this is my first quiz on GTQ and i hope you like it if you don't i'm sorry for wasting your time and i know there are a lot of 1d quizes already but i love 1d so i wanted to make one too

so are you a directioner ,do you think you know everything about one direction? do you ? well we'll see about that take this quiz to find out (i am really sorry if you don't like your result rate and comment plz)

Created by: jjjcutie
  1. how old are they as of 2012
  2. what are their favorite colors
  3. what gender does harry want his first child to be and what would he name it
  4. what is niall's natural hair color
  5. what is the tattoo on zayn's chest of
  6. liam has a fear of ....
  7. which boy has four younger sisters
  8. who came up with the name one direction
  9. the producer wanted...... to go on a diet whilst on the x factor
  10. who cried while watching toy story 3
  11. who cried while watching finding nemo
  12. who's parents are from pakistan
  13. which is the only member with a brother
  14. who said that if they weren't in 1d they'd be an english teacher
  15. who made harry cry by giving him a GIANT wedgie and them straightening his gorgeous curls in his sleeep
  16. who screamed when they got a follow from jb
  17. who is the shortest

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Quiz topic: How well do I know one direction