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Many girls think they no the boys of One Direction better then the back of there hand's but do you no them as well as you think you do? take this test and you will soon find out!!

ARE YOU A WALKING 1Dictionary like me? do you have the brainpower to succed in this test? how weel do you no One Direction?? Want the answers to all those questions? take my test coz it will answer them for you!

Created by: Alex

  1. Who is the oldest?
  2. What are there blood types?
  3. What place did they come on what tv show?
  4. What is Harry's full name?
  5. How many songs do they have?
  6. what is louis's full name?
  7. What is Zayn's full name?
  8. What is Niall's full name?
  9. What is Liam's full name?
  10. Witch 2 boys have the same middle name?
  11. Who has 4 nipples?
  12. Witch boy is Irish?
  13. Who is ' The swag master from Doncaster'?
  14. Who is the ' Bradford bad boy'?

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