How Well do You Know Nicki Minaj Lyrics?

There Are Many Smart People Out There In The World But Few are True Geniuses .Smart People Are People That are Geniuses. Geniuses Are People That Is Extraordinary And Clever. Will One Of People Be You? You'll Find Out In Just A Moment

Are You A Genius?Do You Have The Brain Power To Qualify For That Prestigious Title?Until Now You Could Only Wonder.But Thanks To This Quiz, You'll Find Out In A Few Minutes.

Created by: Sherry Jackson
  1. Shawty I'm a Only Tell you this once you the illest.What Song is this?
  2. You See Right Through Me.Finish The lyrics:
  3. She ain't a Nicki's Fan,Then the B**** deaf dum.You ain't my son you my mother F***ing Step Son.What Song is it?
  4. Your Not a believer,S**k a big D***.What Song is It?
  5. Finish the lyrics:You a Stupid h**
  6. B**** I Bust My Gun And- Hold on I Hear Somebody Coming.What song is this
  7. These b****es calling me Manning Eli. What Song is it ?
  8. I fly With the stars in the skys.I ain't no longer trying to survive .I believe my life is the Prize.Finish the lyrics:
  9. We got tom toms over here bigger than a monster.What Song is this
  10. Boy You Got My Heartbeat Running Away what song is it?
  11. Finish the lyrics: I Came To Win,...
  12. What Song Is This: I beat B****es With Heat
  13. (Bonus Question)Who Is Featured On Minaj's Best I Ever Had(2009)?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Nicki Minaj Lyrics?