How Well Do You Know Nick Jonas????

i love nick jonas he is so cute and handsome i wish i could meet him i love him so much and i wish people would like him for who he is not just for fame or fortune because i like him for him and his personality and heart

nick j is off da chain i think he is a greAT singer and a great actor i love him for his personality heart and that he has provoted his career to make people happy and know that they are not alone if they have diabetes and that there will be a cure someday

Created by: marissa
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  1. What Is Nicks Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
  2. What Is Nicks Favorite Ice Cream Shop
  3. Where Was Nick Jonas Born
  4. What Is Nick Jonas's Favorite Sport
  5. What does Nicks Purity Ring Say
  6. What Is Nicks Full Name
  7. What Type Of Diabetes Was Nick Jonas Diagnosed With
  8. What Are Nick Jonas' Brothers Names
  9. Where Was Nick discovered
  10. What Is Nick Liked most For By girls
  11. What is Nicks nickname
  12. what is nicks moms name
  13. what is the name of the song nick wrote about his diabetes
  14. What Is nick jonas ex girlfriends name
  15. what does nick notice the most in a girl
  16. does nick have a myspace
  17. what is nicks hairstyle
  18. what is nicks favorite color

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Nick Jonas????