How well do you know my book?

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Hello. I'm making a book. I'm going to see if you know it or not. I do not care if you get 100% or not. Try your best. I believe in you. Just try. I vow to you won't get 0%.

Just do what I said in the first paragraph. That way you could at least get a 10% or higher. I want you to do your best. You also need to do that. I'm not usually nice like this.

Created by: xXCHILLXx

  1. Who's the main character?
  2. True or false: They open a lemonade store.
  3. True or false: The unpopular girls are not jealous of Blake.
  4. What did Blake jokingly say to Ariana when she thought she was sick?
  5. True or false: Baby Chloe was premature.
  6. What are the names of Blake's dogs?
  7. What dog breed are Blake's dogs?
  8. What is Blake's favorite bad word?
  9. What was Baby Chloe's first word?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know my book?