How well do you know moshi monsters?

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Moshi monsters is an interesting game, where you have your own monster. Many people think they are a moshi monster genius, but, are they really?

Take this test to see how much you know about moshi monsters! Maybe you will turn out to be worlds greatest moshi fan, who knows? Take this test now!

Created by: Miriam_03

  1. Easy: how many monsters are there?
  2. Easy: What is a moshling?
  3. Easy: what is rox?
  4. Easy: how do you earn rox?
  5. Easy: How do you get a moshling?
  6. Medium: What are quests?
  7. Medium: how do you find quests?
  8. Medium: what is the (current,2013) highest level you can reach?
  9. Medium: what does the four leafed clover mean in a shop?
  10. What does a golden clover in a shop mean?
  11. Hard: Which two moshlings can you get from moshi missions from season 1-3 without being a member?
  12. Hard: What is Pumpkin Chowder?
  13. Hard: Where do you see Pumpkin Chowder a lot?
  14. Hard: which of the following is NOT a moshi mission?
  15. Hard: in which season 3 mission can non members do part one and two?
  16. Extreme: Which of the following is NOT a rare item?
  17. Extreme: How many non level trophies are there?
  18. Extreme: What is the highest score ever reached on the Daily Challenge?
  19. Extreme: What is the most expensive item in moshi monsters?
  20. Ultimate: How many times a week does Yukea change it's inventory?
  21. Basic: What is I.G.G.Y.'s favourite snack?
  22. Basic: what is a multicolour-background seed?
  23. If you answer this question correctly without help or guessing, you are a real genius!!! the most expensive item, Scare Force one, can be seen where?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know moshi monsters?