How well do you know Mew3?

SO! You think you know all there is to know about my OC Mew3? Do you? DO YOU??? Well, I'd say not. There are some easy questions, others not quite so. Do you dare take this quiz? Do you? Then do. NOW. DON'T DELAY. DOOOOO IT!!!!

This quiz is both hard and rediculous. Dare you suceed, you may leave your sanity behind... If you had sanity in the first place, that is. This is not a takeaway, people. Seriously.

Created by: Robyn
  1. What is her current form?
  2. Who are her kids?
  3. Who are her brothers?
  4. What is her greatest fear?
  5. Who was her first crush?
  6. What're her most noticable features?
  7. Who is her worst enemy?
  8. What colour is her dragon form?
  9. Is she tall?
  10. What happens if you mention the word "badminton" near her?
  11. Did you do well in this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Mew3?