How Well do You Know Me (December 2017)

So putting your luck to the yest to see how well you know me any way all I really can say is good luck so..... GOOD LUCK SENPI!!!!! Yes I am part japanese....Just Joking.... Or am I???

So are you a great Yoi person but here is the real question do you know my real name if so comment and tell me what you think it is and I will yell you yes or no!!!

Created by: Yoi Morgan

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  1. Whats my favorite band
  2. Who is my favorite BTS member
  3. Whats my favorite song?
  4. Where can you find me on GTQ?
  5. How many sisters do I have
  6. How many brothers do I have?
  7. How old am I?
  8. Am I girl or Boy
  9. Do I like my mum?
  10. Who do I live with?
  11. How old was I when I got a phome?
  12. When did I break my first phone
  13. How do I get on GTQ

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me (December 2017)