Taylor Swift Song Lyrics Quiz

Do you know you Taylor Swift songs? Do you know all the lyrics? In this mini-quiz you can test you Taylor Song knowledge. Do you think you can do it?

This is MINI-QUIZ so it will be small. Good Luck!!! Good Luck!!! Good Luck!!! Good Luck!!! Good Luck!!! Good Luck!!! Good Luck!!! ;) :) :0 ;0 ;D :D ;) :) :0 ;0 ;D :D ;) :) :0 ;0 ;D :D ;) :) :0 ;0 ;D :D

Created by: Jayfeather13

  1. *Love Story* Romeo take me somewhere we can be alone, I'll be waiting, _________.
  2. *You're Not Sorry* All this time I've been wasting, hoping you would come _______.
  3. *Tell Me Why* I'm sick and tired of your attitude, ___________.
  4. *Back To December* I miss your texting, your sweet smiles, so good to me, _______.
  5. *Ours* So, don't you worry your pretty little mind, ___________.
  6. *Forever and Always* It rains in your bedroom, everything is wrong.______________.
  7. (Here's an easy one) *Enchanted* I was enchanted to meet___.
  8. *Fearless* _______ it _________ it!
  9. *Better Than Revenge* But no amount of vintage dresses give you _____.
  10. *Haunted* You and I walk a fragile _______.

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