How Well Do You Know Me (2020)

So putting your luck to the test to see how well you know me any way all I really can say is good luck so..... GOOD LUCK SENPI!!!!! Yes I am part japanese....Just Joking.... Or am I???

My username is Yoi but is that my actual name? Here is the real question do you know my real name if so comment and tell me what you think it is and I will yell you yes or no!!!

Created by: Yoi Morgan

  1. What kind of student am I?
  2. How Old am I?
  3. Whats my favorite animal?
  4. Whats my name?
  5. What sports do I play?
  6. Whats my favorite K-pop group? (Boys)
  7. Whos my favorite K-pop group? (Girls)
  8. Where can you find me the most in forums?
  9. Do I have a boyfriends
  10. How many pets do I have?
  11. Whats my favorite anime (At the moment)

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me (2020)