How well do you know me

Many friends I do have, but lets see if you are my true friend.... Take the test and find out... Don't worry if you don't do so good, I will not hold it against you

Sit back relax, if you really listen you will do fine. No stress.. it is great to have friends like you......... Friends are great Friends are neat, now get ready for the test and take a seat....

Created by: Alicia
  1. What is my favorite color
  2. When is my Birthday
  3. What color are my eyes
  4. What is my fovorite movie
  5. How many Tatoo's do I have
  6. What am I in school for now?
  7. My favorite Flower is
  8. My dad was my best friend, how old was I when he passed away
  9. How many children do I have?
  10. You come to get me, I just got out of bed, before I leave do I

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me