Is he/she a true friend?

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There are many "Frenemies "out there and some "Good Friends", but only few true "Best Friends"! Good luck and I hope you get a good friend! (And I hope they STAY)

This quiz image is also an actual picture if me and my best friend Hannah. I hope you guys can find someone to truly call "Best Friends"! Good luck ladies and gentlemen!!

Created by: Shelby B.
  1. Uh oh! You fell on your face in the hallway, Taylor, the mean popular girl and her entourage laugh at you and take pics! Your best friend...
  2. Your at lunch eating, suddenly, Connor comes and trips you! You land face-first in your salad! Your bestie...
  3. You're planning to ask out that adorable guy/girl in your Bio Class, your friend...
  4. You're in class, suddenly, that ham sandwich you had at lunch isn't sitting well, and you projectile vomit ALL over the wall! Your friend...
  5. Crap! You lost your homework somewhere, you ask everyone to lend you theirs, but no dice. Your bestie...
  6. Your friend invites you to a sleep over on Friday. What do you do at the sleepover?
  7. You tell your friend your dad ran over your dog on accident, she/he.
  8. Do you think she/ he is a keeper? (Should you stay friends)
  9. Do you share similar interests?
  10. Final question. (It's kinda dumb) are you siblings?

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