How Well Do You Know Me???

Am I an open book? Do you think you know everything there is to know about me? Are we good friends, or do you just think we're good friends? How well do you know Jim?

Perhaps you're a good friend and a good listener. Or perhaps you just need to ask more questions, or be a better listener. Now's the time to find out... Do you know Jim? Don't worry, if you don't, you can.

Created by: Jim of Jim
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  1. What state was I born in?
  2. In all the schools I've attended, I've had one school mascot twice. What was that mascot?
  3. What's my middle name?
  4. What's my favorite television show, of all time?
  5. Which one of these Shakespearen lines have I probably uttered many a time?
  6. Do you know my favorite song?
  7. Which is not one of my siblings?
  8. I've often said this is my favorite book...
  9. My roommate's cats names are...
  10. My roommate's cats names are...
  11. The name of the senior film that I wrote and directed was...

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me???