how well do you know me ?

Let's see how well you know me . I hope you do well . If you want to get a better score just talk to me in my threads I guess .. anyone can take it .

Thank you for takeing this quiz if you do . Hope you do well again . Don't really know what to say right now . Have a nice day and talk to me in ny threads I guess.

Created by: hunter girl521

  1. Do I you know me?
  2. What's my favorite food ?
  3. Favorite type of music
  4. What type of dog do I have
  5. My crushes name ?
  6. Favorite thing to do
  7. Why did I pick my user ( yall would know this probably.)
  8. Dogs name
  9. What's my nickname
  10. How do you spell my name correctly
  11. How many pets do I have
  12. Rate / comment

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me ?