How Well Do You Know Me?

How Well Do You Know Me? I'm wondering whether I should consider you a friend or not, so take this quiz and find out! If you think you can get away with a failing grade... think again!

Honestly, maybe you'll even learn something new about me (like my dorky hobbies and interests). If you have some similar interests, talk to me. I'm... So... Bored.

Created by: Simon

  1. Who Is My Favorite Super Hero?
  2. What Is My Favorite Video Game?
  3. Who Is My Favorite Rapper?
  4. Which Teacher Of Mine Originally Said, "I Dream Of Genie, And You're Outta Here!"
  5. What Is My Dog's Name?
  6. If I Was An AMAZING Black Woman, I'd Be...
  7. Which Of These Chick Flicks Have I Seen The Most Times?
  8. My Favorite Musical Group Is...
  9. Which Of The Following Is My Favorite TV Show? HINT: Cezanne Loves It, Too!
  10. Which One Of These Artists Would I NOT Have On My iPod?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?