Does he like you back?

Many middle school girls are wondering wether or not there crush likes them, well this quiz will help you find out! I've liked a guy for 7 years and I've learned a lot in this years so I wanna share with you!

Like I said, this quiz should help girls (4th grade through 8th grade) determine wether or not there crush likes them back. This was mostly made for middle schoolers (6th through 8th grade) but it will work for younger or older, good luck!

Created by: GirlWithGuns

  1. First off, do you dress nice?
  2. Ok, so you ever catch him looking a you?
  3. Has he ever physically touched you? (In a good way, not bullying you!)
  4. Do you have a lot in common?
  5. So you talk often?
  6. Do you get along with his parents and vice versa?
  7. Are you and him friends?
  8. Do you ever touch him?
  9. When you touch him, how does he react?
  10. Has he ever invited you anywhere?
  11. Do you and his friends get along?
  12. Last question: Sounds dumb, but do you think he likes you back, HONESTLY???
  13. Ok I lied, this is the last question: does anyone else think he likes you? (Friends,family,your stuffed animals)

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