Does He Like You??

This quiz is all about finding out if your one true love (your crush) likes you back. If you have been wondering this for years but haven't had the courage to ask him. Take this quiz to find out. The questions are easy to understand and fun!

If you want to know REALLY bad stop reading this RIGHT NOW and take the darn quiz already. If not, you can read my boring words. Okay, seriously, if you are actually reading this something is wrong with you!!!

Created by: Leah

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  1. Does he smile at you often in class or anywhere else??
  2. If you fainted in the middle of class would he??
  3. If you forgot your luch he would??
  4. Do you think he would go out with you if you asked him?
  5. Does he talk to you as much as he can at school??
  6. When he talks to you he?
  7. Does he flirt with you??
  8. When he passes you when he's with his buds he;
  9. If another guy flirts with you he;
  10. If you saw him at the movies and you sat next to him he would;

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