Does he like? (middle school)

Hey guys, this is a quiz for girls who want to know if their crush likes them! I was really bored so sorry if it's really bad, still thanks for taking my quiz and I hope you like it!

Have you got a crush who you can never figure out? Maybe they're giving mixed signals? Well you should take this quiz to figure out what's happening inside his brain! :)

Created by: Bri

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. He knows your name, that includes last name!
  2. Does he stare at you?
  3. People tell you he likes you.
  4. Do you guys talk?
  5. Do you talk out of school?
  6. What do you talk about?
  7. Do you have much in common?
  8. How do his friends treat you?
  9. Have you ever touched?
  10. Do you have any inside jokes?
  11. Does he compliment you?
  12. Do YOU think he likes you

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