Are you 4th grade worthy?

If you are wondering if you are 4th grade worthy, then this test is for you! Explore your mind for your best because this test uses some Common Core standards!

In just a few minutes(hopefully)you will be able to see if you are 4th grade worthy! Remember:Common Core standards are used so think deep!( just kidding this test isn't really that hard)

Created by: Vivious

  1. Math: 7,879 divided by 2 = ??? Remainders are provided
  2. Spelling: Choose the correct spelling
  3. Science: Choose an IGNEOUS rock
  4. Social Studies: What is precipitation?
  5. Language Arts: Choose the figurative language expression
  6. RANDOM QUESTION: let fate decide
  7. P.E.: I actually have no question so pick your favorite sport for P.E. in school. (Will affect score if you don't pick 4 squares :P derp)
  8. Spelling: Pick the word that is spelled incorrectly
  9. Are you actually in 4th grade?
  10. Did you take this quiz just because you wanted to see if you were smart?

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Quiz topic: Am I 4th grade worthy?