How well do you know me?

This is just a little fun quiz i did while laying sick in bed. This isn’t super important stuff but just little factors. Let me know what you get so we can chat!

Special shoutout to my best friend <> Paige. No particular reason she’s just great?I appreciate he heck out of her and wanted her to know it.Have fun!

Created by: FaerieQueen

  1. Which of these are my favourite?
  2. What is my favourite school subject?
  3. What is my religion?
  4. What’s my favourite kind of bread.
  5. Which of these are my correct flavour preferences?
  6. How would I describe my personal aesthetic?
  7. What is my favourite type of juice?
  8. Which order do I rank these studio Ghibli
  9. Which season is my favourite
  10. If I was a Greek demigod, whose child would I be?
  11. What’s my favourite take out
  12. What is the name of my Alpaca plush?
  13. What is my favourite anime?
  14. What’s my birthday?
  15. What’s my zodiac sign?
  16. If I had a super power which one would I want?
  17. What is my favourite animal
  18. What are favourite numbers
  19. What is my persona name?
  20. Which hogwarts house am I?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?