How well do you know me?

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Not a lot of fellow mortals get me. They decide to ignore the girl who doesn't like people. But, lets see if you like to pay attention to me, or you just plain guess! It should be really easy.. most likely XD

Anyway! I know you guys probably aren't reading these, so yeah. After this quiz you should Go have some fun! Play with some friends, talk on thw forms ad do other stuffz. Bye!!!

Created by: FullmetalOtaku

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  1. What's my real name?
  2. How old am I?
  3. What is my favorite Anime?
  4. What's my favorite musical?
  5. What is my dream?
  6. Who is my favorite actress?
  7. Who is my favorite actor?
  8. 3 more questions! When is my birthday?
  9. Who is my non-existing crush?
  10. Last question. What's my favorite color? And please rate and comment! It's very appreciated.

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?