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  • How well do you know me?
    Your Result: You know me well. 90%

    You know me well, that means that we could be friends, but you must know at least some of the answers to the questions, so try being my friend first and then go take the quiz again later, not my fault, your fault, bleh bleh, banana.

    51% You don't know me at all.
    23% You know a lot about me.
    90% is good xD

    Jinx Blackclaw
  • You know a lot about me.

    You know a lot about*sweatdro ps* That's good? Oh dear.*is creeped out* okay, well since you know a lot about me i'll be heading my way and...*runs away as fast as he can* Banananananana!

    Shhhh. Our friendship is that awesome

  • You're pretty weird. Cool.

  • "What colour is my hair?"
    "What country would I like to live in?"
    What is my SEXUALITY?"
    ---- ------------------- ------------------

    What kind of ?s ARE these? They sound like questions you would ask a spy, not a GTQ user! Well, whatever.

    1 Twilight Fan

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