How well do you know me?

Take this quiz to see if you know the real me. I try and get to know my friends on a personal level and I expect my friends to do the same for me. Because in fact a true friend is someone who knows you both inside and out and still loves you.

Do you know my fears? Do you know aspirations? If you think you do, this quiz is for you. It is not too hard so don't be nervous, besides even if you only know me a little bit you should probably do alright.

Created by: Lura

  1. What is my nickname?
  2. What sport do I play?
  3. What is my favorite animal?
  4. What is my biggest fear?
  5. What nationality is my boyfriend?
  6. What do I get the most compliments on?
  7. What high school did I go to?
  8. If you were to walk into my room who would be playing on my iTunes?
  9. What is my favorite soft drink?
  10. Last question...What is my favorite color?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?