are you a good friend?

true friends are rare and hard to find. they know you inside and out and love you anyway. they're there for you and have fun with you. friends are truly special and should be cherished; hopefully you let yours know you love them.

are you one of those people? beware, this quiz may be a rude awakening. side effects may include but are not limited to shock, anger, deep realization, profound reasoning, and/or a generally improved attitude.

Created by: heather

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  1. you and your friends are at a restaurant. you notice one of your friends isn't eating, so
  2. your friend, whom you only recently became pals with and whom you know isn't completely trustworthy, asks you to borrow thirty dollars.
  3. your very best, closest friend(s)
  4. i would (choose the thing you would do that is the lowest down)
  5. do you love your friends?
  6. your friend stole your shirt. you
  7. your friend sobs her heart out to you and you were supposed to go on a date with your boyfriend (or something else equally important) two hours ago.
  8. do you ever do random, nice things for you friends at possible expense to you just to make them happy?
  9. could you tell me your friends' deepest, darkest secrets?
  10. can you name your friends' birthdays, did you get them all presents, and can you name where they all live?

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Quiz topic: Am I a good friend?