I have had a lot of friends that have trouble figuiring out who are real freinds. So I thought this might help them if they want to take it and if they are serious about the results they can find out a lot about their friends.

Do you have a true bff? Are you unsure?well you will soon find out. Take this quiz and find out if your best-friend-forever is really your friend. Or was she an inposter the whole time?

Created by: victoria

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  1. Do you and your bff laugh at the same things?
  2. does your bff get you?
  3. does your bff hear you out?
  4. does your bff help you?
  5. Do you and your bff share the same intrests?
  6. Do you and your bff share things?
  7. How would you describe your bff?
  8. If your bff had 2 tickets to your favorite movie what what she do?
  9. do you and your bff pay for eachother when you hang out somewhere?
  10. Do you feel like there is always something your bff is hiding?

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