How well do you know me?

i made this quiz because i was completely bored out of my mind. Yeah. That's pretty much the only reason why it's on my page. Uh huh. i also wanted to see who knew about me. But yeah that's pretty much it.

i was so bored oh you don't even know. that's basically why i made this quiz for my page. Yeah i'm really bored. as you can tell. so you should definitely take it. if you do, you're amazing.

Created by: Janelle of Myspace
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  1. What's my name?!?
  2. Who's my incredible boyfriend?!?
  3. Who's my best friend?!?
  4. When's my birthday?!?
  5. What's my favorite candy?!?
  6. What school do i attend?!?
  7. What sport do i do?!?
  8. What am i?!?
  9. What are my favorite flowers?!?
  10. What is my absolute favorite chocolate?!?
  11. What kid's channel am i obsessed with?!?
  12. What do i like doing for fun?!?
  13. Where do i go just about every summer?!?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know me?