How Well Do You Know Me?

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Hi my name is Sophie and welcome to my quiz of how well you know me!!! :D In this quiz I will ask you questions and you gotta answer the right one, so good luck!

Also remember to please comment on what result you get on the quiz and tell me how you liked it. :) That's all I had to say but I have to keep typing for no apparent reason. xD

Created by: Moonsoap of My Blog
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  1. Hello, my name is Sophie and I hope you like this quiz. OK, first question is: Am I a girl or a boy?
  2. What is my fav color?
  3. What is my fav animal?
  4. What is my fav show?
  5. What color is my hair?
  6. Do I wear glasses?
  7. How old am I?
  8. I hope this isn't racist, but what color is my skin?
  9. What is my fav thing to say in a chat?
  10. OK last question is: Do I have a pet?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Me?