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  • most of this stuff is incorrect the 2 mermaid names are ondia and mimmi and mimmi long lost brother is zac and the new merman name is eric oh yeah they used the moon ring to have legs this person is wrong fuch this quiz

  • This quiz is seriously messed up, everything is right and it's telling me I got 14%.

    Also Erik with a 'k', not a 'c'

  • Most of this stuff was wrong and I'm kinda mad that they said I got it wrong when it was right. I think you need to re-watch Mako mermaid bc most of the answers you said was very wrong! Like the 2 new mermaids are Mimmi and Ondina and In season 1 they met Rita at school and they did use the moon ring to get legs. I didn't like this quiz sorry you should try again and make sure your answers are right this time.

  • I got 26 this quiz is messed up big time and I have watched ever episode like twenty times

  • This quiz is wrong,

    First the 2 girls who came in season 2 are Mimmi and Ondina.Mimmi's brother is Zac not Erik.They met Rita st school not in the ocean Cafe.

    Mermaid Forever
  • wierdest quiz ever. I got everything right and seen all the episodes.

  • 10% Fuchs this quiz


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