How Well Do You Know Mako Mermaids

Okay So This Is A Quiz About Mako Mermaids The Show That Was Made After H20 Just Add Water In This I Will Try To See How Much You Know About Mako Mermaids If You Know Everything Then You Are A Mako Mermaid Genius

So Do You Think You Have What It Takes To Be a Mako Mermaid Genius Because If So Then Take This Quiz If You Aren't Scared If You Don't That's Fine With Me But If You Do Then I Say Good Luck With The Quiz

Created by: PeachGirl15
  1. How Did Zac Turn Into A Merman
  2. How Did Lyla Nixie And Sirena Get Banned From The Pod
  3. How Did Lyla Nixie And Sirena Get Legs
  4. How Did The Girls Meet Rita
  5. In Which Episode Did Zac Get The Trident
  6. What Are The Names Of The Two New Mermaids In Season 2
  7. How Dose Evie Turn Into A Mermaid
  8. What Is The Name Of The New Merman
  9. What Dose Ondina Think Of Merman
  10. Who Is Mimmi's Brother

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Mako Mermaids