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Hi! Ok, I know I said that I'd do a Who is she/him quiz, but I realized I can't add photos onto the questions. Please could someone tell me if you know how to do that.

Anyway, this quiz is still Who is it, but it's written descriptions that I did. So try your hardest, have fun and guess which character it is!!!!!!!!!

Created by: ilovemermaids

  1. Dark, long, straight hair, knows cool magic, is a mermaid. Who is it?
  2. Wavy, long brown hair, knows LOTS of magic, is a mermaid. Who is it?
  3. Frizzy, shoulder length blonde hair, has hot powers, rebel, is a mermaid. Who is it?
  4. Short red hair, Bella's boyfriend's sister, annoying. Who is it?
  5. Short, curly black hair, has powers, is a merman. Who is it?
  6. Long, wavy-curly blonde hair, loves to sing, has powers, is a mermaid. Who is it?
  7. Medium-length straight blonde hair, is very annoying and sneaky. Who is it?
  8. Medium-length, curly blonde hair, waitress, Evie's best friend.
  9. Long, straight, dark brown hair, is a mermaid and has powers for a while, Carly's best friend. Who is it?
  10. Short-ish blonde hair, geek, nerd, knows Emma, Rikki and Cleo. Who is it?
  11. Long, curly blonde hair, prickly, funny, has powers, is a mermaid. Who is it?
  12. Medium-length, wavy auburn hair, intelligent, helpful, has powers, is a mermaid. Who is it?
  13. Fluffy white hair, adorable, best friends with Rita. Who is it?
  14. Long, straight blonde-brown hair, freckles, curious, cheeky, learning powers, is a mermaid. Who is it?
  15. Long blonde hair, learning powers, is a mermaid, curious, eager to help. Who is it?

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