How well do you know Madeline Hatter?

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There are many EAH geniuses, but do you really know a lot about Madeline Hatter/ Maddie? Well, you'll find out in this quiz. I need 20 more characters left so...bye!

Do you know a lot about the majestic Madeline Hatter/ Maddie? This quiz will explain whether you passed or not. I need 30 more characters so......bye!

Created by: Vivious

  1. Who is my father?
  2. What is my pet?
  3. Who is my best friend?
  4. What is my favorite beverage?
  5. Where do I hang out?
  6. Why would you climb such a dime if you can earn part time by daytime?
  7. What is my favorite food?
  8. What do people always call me?
  9. What is my pet's name?
  10. Shout out to my friend Cerise Hood for encouraging me to do this!(will not affect score)

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Madeline Hatter?