which ever after high character are you?

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This quiz is made especially for Ever After High LOVERS! I bet you really want to know which ever after high character are you most likely to be...

Are YOU apple white,briar beauty,raven queen,madeline hatter,blondilocks,cerise hood,CA cupid, Kitty Chesire, ashlynn ella or cedar wood. you can find it in just 2 minutes by just attending this quiz!Best of luck!

Created by: amber

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. pick a clour
  2. the best way to describe yourself.
  3. the best way to handle studies
  4. who do you want as a roommate?
  5. your desire...
  6. favorite subject
  7. how do you want your hair?
  8. which character do you want as your roommate?
  9. Which tale do you like the most?
  10. What do you like more?

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Quiz topic: Which ever after high character am I?