What High School Story character are you?

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Have you ever wondered what High School Story character you are? Have you ever wanted to see a quiz like this? Well this quiz is most certainly for you!

The quiz is out of Julian, Autumn, Payton, Koh and much more! In a few seconds or something like that, You will finally see what High School Story character you are!

Created by: Koh'sBiggestFan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. So. First of all. Are you a tomboy?
  2. Ah. Okay then, Would you go to a football game, hang out or watch TV?
  3. Kittens, Puppies or both?
  4. Ooh, Good choice. So, whats your favourite colour? x hides behind koh x
  5. Are you super nice, average or flat out mean?
  6. Vegatarian? Carnivore? Omnivore?
  7. Nerd, Jock Prep or other?
  8. Ideal party?
  9. What would you wish for if you were granted a wish?
  10. Any of these your fave food?
  11. Last two questions! Do you enjoy High school story? (Doesn't count)
  12. Bye!

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Quiz topic: What High School Story character am I?