What's Your High School Clique?

In high school, going to be, or graduated? Well where would you fit in the typical high school crowds? Are you a Jock, Brain, or maybe a Prep? This quiz will tell you everything you need to know about the clique you should join.

Cliques in high school are so stereo typical however they are 100 percent a part of high school and we all deal with them. Which clique would you join?

Created by: Lauryn Young

  1. Sign up sheet on the wall! What do you sign up for?
  2. What do you and your friends talk about?
  3. What do you eat at lunch?
  4. Party Tonight, Are you going?
  5. Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?
  6. I hurt myself...
  7. Friday Night, what are you doing?
  8. Someone calls you cute..
  9. Happy Birthday! What do you want?
  10. Favorite Color?
  11. End of the day and your walking to your car, what kind of car do you have or want?

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Quiz topic: What's my High School Clique?