How well do you know LOTR

Lord of the rings is one of the most famous trilogy series in the world. it ranges from elves, to Dwarves, even to dead people in swamps! when you read it, you enter a mistical world of magic and manifestations [ghosts.] read on...

Do YOU know your LOTR? can you decipher my quiz questions and found out if you really are as LOTR obbsessed as you think you are? keep clicking, and never give in to the evils of society!!!! [or mordor...] LONG LIVE GONDOR!!!!

Created by: kerushii
  1. in Fellowship of the Ring, what is the the place where frodo and sam live called?
  2. what is the area called?
  3. how many leave on the journey?
  4. how many hobbits are in the fellowship?
  5. who created the One Ring?
  6. now, onto the Two Towers. Why are Pippan and Merry taken by the orcs?
  7. Who is the White Wizard in Fangorn?
  8. how do Frodo and Sam meet Golem?
  9. what word is Golem/Smeagol notorious for saying?
  10. now to Return of the King. What saves Frodo and Sam from Mount Doom?
  11. What colour are the Black gates? :0
  12. what form does Souron take?
  13. where do the hobbits go after their battle and all is well?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know LOTR