How Well Do You Know land Hermit Crab Care

Many people have land hermit crabs as pets, most are children's pets and are not properly cared for. Hermit crabs need more than what most pet stores say.

Do you have hermit crabs? If not that's OK! If you are thinking about getting hermit crabs or if you have some take this quiz to find out if you know the proper care!

Created by: IAmaCat

  1. Land hermit crabs require what type of water?
  2. What substrate is good for land hermit crabs?
  3. Do hermit crabs need to live together?
  4. Name one nickname of the Coenobita clypeatus.
  5. Hermit Crabs are...
  6. Name on type of correct housing for hermit crabs.
  7. Painted shells are...
  8. What do shell do for hermit crabs?
  9. What are feeler fights?
  10. What do hermit crabs need to feel safe in?
  11. Do hermit crabs need the option to climb?
  12. Is it ok for a hermit crab to lose a limb?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know land Hermit Crab Care