How well do you know hermit crabs?

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As you can probably tell or guess, I have had hermit crabs. And I still do. Here are some basic (Yes I said basic. If you have a hermit crab, these should be easy, if not go to questions about the care of your hermit crab.

If you are getting or have a hermit crab, this is a wonderful test to see how much you REALLY know about the care of your hermit crab/s. Thank you so much for taking my quiz! And reading these paragraphs!

Created by: PandaGirl

  1. What do you feed pet hermit crabs?
  2. What temperture does the hermit crab cage have to be?
  4. What are some things that keep the hermit crab cage the right amount of humidity?
  5. What kind of water can KILL hermit crabs?
  6. True or false: Hermit crabs need at least 1 OTHER HERMIT CRAB in their cage with them.
  7. Do you have to give a hermit crab a bath?
  8. When a hermit crab molts, what color does it turn after it sheds its exo-skeleton?
  9. What does a hermit crab have to do after it molts?
  10. What can a crab die from?
  11. True or false: Land hermit crabs usually mate in captivity.
  12. True or false: Flouride is VERY healthy for hermit crabs. It makes them get stronger and healthier.
  13. True or False: Hermit crabs might eat each other when one is out of its shell.
  14. True or false: Hermit crabs have just one pincer.
  15. Hermit crabs have a little pincer and a big one. They eat with their little pincer.
  16. Which of the following is a kind of hermit crab:
  17. What kind of animal are hermit crabs?
  18. Thank you for taking my quiz!

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Quiz topic: How well do I know hermit crabs?