How Well do you know Kurt Cobain

There are millions of nirvana fans but whats the true fan? It would be exceptional to know all MY questions? if you do you are the true nitty gritty nirvana fan you have great knowledge of grunge and nirvana. you will see it clearly afterwards

are YOU a TRUE nirvana fan. do you have the knowledge of every member and album? do you qualify for true nirvana fan? thanks to this quiz in a few moments you can find out!

Created by: Jake97

  1. Whats the name of Kurt Cobains wife?
  2. What was Nirvanas first album?
  3. Where was Kurt Cobain born?
  4. What was their drummers name?
  5. Where was dave Grohl born?
  6. Where was Krist Novoselic born?
  7. Wat album sold most copies?
  8. What age did Kurt die at?
  9. What problem did cobain have that the doctor couldnt diagnose
  10. What was the number 1 song after unplugged

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Quiz topic: How Well do I know Kurt Cobain