Do you Love Kurt Cobain?

"There are many people who know Kurt Cobain. Are you one of them?Are you a fan? Or a POSER? Loving Kurt Cobain is so cool!It is very awesome if you know more than me!! But I dont know!!"

"Are you a smart cookie when it comes to Kurt Coabin?Are you smarter than a 13 year old? Do you like Grunge music?? Kurt Cobain is very awesome..Don't know him??You have major problems!"

Created by: Christa

  1. What is Kurt Cobain;s Middle name?
  2. Where did he kill himself?
  3. What was the date of his death?
  4. What color hair did he have?
  5. Who did he marry?
  6. Would you like to see him in the Afterlife?
  7. If you could say one thing to him it would be?
  8. Would you kill urself 2 be with him?
  9. omg! would you kiss him
  10. Do you have posters of him?

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Quiz topic: Do I Love Kurt Cobain?