how much do you know about rock?

there are a lot of rock fans but most of them know a little something about it you will now find out for yourself if you know about rock or are you just a mindless zombie swayed by the crowd? time to find out

salamanders james may a a bloke called kurt cobain all feature in this amazing brilliant and quite frankly exceptional quiz! if you fail then try to boost your knowlidge (fail)to a higher level go!

Created by: marin sparklehorse

  1. which manic street preacher went missing?
  2. which year did kurt cobain die?
  3. which of these is a real band?
  4. which of these is canadian?
  5. which of these is a real sex pistol?
  6. which year was icky thump released
  7. who origionally wrote wild thing?
  8. where were nirvana from?
  9. who wrote smells like nirvana ?
  10. wild thing you make my ...... complete the lyric
  11. which of these is a real iron maiden song?
  12. who was described as a 'salamnder'
  13. which band was jarvis cocker in?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about rock?