Did You Really Read It?

In 1963, Kurt Vonnegut wrote the book Cat's Cradle. This is one of the greatest authors of all time and other works of his include 'Breakfast of Champions' and 'Timequake.' This quiz I have spent the last hour and a half composing though, focuses on Cat's Cradle and is an extreamly detailed quiz to see if you have accually read (and comprehended) the text...or if you and your buddy Spark Notes had a late romantic escapade.

So, in honnor or the late Kurt Vonnegut (for he has just recently passed away), please complete this quiz and find out the answer to our question: Did you Read the Book??!?!

Created by: Deb

  1. What is the Main Character's initial goal in the beginning of the book?
  2. Who is the "Father of the Bomb?"
  3. List his children from oldest to youngest.
  4. What was peculiar about Newton?
  5. What is the best description of Angela?
  6. Where is Frank?
  7. Where did Dr. Felix Hoenikker Die?
  8. What is Ice-nine?
  9. What is the name of the island country our main character finds himself headed to
  10. Why did he travel to San Lorenzo in the first place?
  11. What is a Hoosier?
  12. By what means did John reach san Lorenzo?
  13. Who did John meet up with on the plane?
  14. What religious leader do the islanders follow?
  15. How do the islanders practice their religion?
  16. What is the punishment for being caught practicing Bokonistic rituals?
  17. What is boko-maru?
  18. According to Bokonistic theory, What is man?
  19. What ended the earth?
  20. How many islanders survived?

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