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Hey there and welcome to the Nirvana quiz this is where your nirvana knowledge will be tested are you a big enough fan to take this quiz? If you think so click the quiz and begin

This quiz is comprised of information that some may not know and very obvious questions can you guess them all? Take this quiz and find out because I bet that you can't!

Created by: Hinderlove

  1. What year did Nirvana form?
  2. What was one of their names before they called themselves Nirvana?
  3. Who was their original drummer?
  4. The song Love Buzz off of their 1989 album Bleach was originally done by what band?
  5. Which of the following is NOT a Nirvana song?
  6. Who was Kurt Cobain married to?
  7. How did Cobain and Novoselic meet?
  8. How many names did they cycle through before deciding on Nirvana?
  9. Why did Aaron Burckhard not stay with Nirvana after he returned?
  10. What record label was Bleach released on?

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