how well do you know justin bieber

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there are soo many people out there how know justin bieber really good. but do you..????there is many people how and justin bieber genius that mean you are a true bieber fan

are you a true justin bieber fan. well in a few seconds you will find out.this quiz is for justin bieber in just second you might be a justin bieber GENIUS!

Created by: jada

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  1. what is justin biebers middle name
  2. what is justin biebers dog's name
  3. what color is justin biebers eyes
  4. how old is justin bieber
  5. does justin bieber have a siblings
  6. where is justin bieber from
  7. what justin bieber song is on the itunes toop 10 charts
  8. who is justin biebers best friend
  9. how was justin bieber discovered
  10. when is justin biebers birthday
  11. justin bieber was on what tv show
  12. in 2 of justin biebers songs baby and first dance who ft. in it
  13. what song was justin bieber singing when he got mad at a fan.( hope you listened)
  14. justin bieber told his fans to stop when he was performing
  15. what is justin biebers favorite chocolate
  16. justin biebers favorite food
  17. on new years eve justin bieber sang one less loney girl to who
  18. justin bieber write with what hand
  19. how tall is justin bieber
  20. what does justin bieber look in a girl
  21. who is justin bieber celeb crush
  22. what is justin biebers moms name
  23. what 2 celebs wanted justin bieber
  24. what happened to justin biebers parnets
  25. justin bieber dated who

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Quiz topic: How well do I know justin bieber