How Well Do You Know Josh Hutcherson?

Josh Hutcherson is my absolute favorite actor of all time. When presented with the question, "Do you like Josh Hutcherson?" Some people scratch their heads and say, "Who the heck is that?"

I wanted to make this quiz to let the world know about Josh Hutcherson, because he is truly a wonderful actor and deserves to be recognized. He is also smoking hot. Lol. So take this quiz to find out how much you really know about this amazing actor, and if you dont know who he is, well, study up!

Created by: nikki1234
  1. Do you like Josh Hutcherson?
  2. What is his full name?
  3. What color are his eyes?
  4. When is his birthday?
  5. What color is his hair?
  6. What movie has he been in out of these?
  7. What greatly anticipated movie will he be in very soon? (March)
  8. What character will he play in that movie?
  9. Who is Josh rumoured to be dating?
  10. This quiz is over....
  11. Bye

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Josh Hutcherson?